Our eyes point the future.


Brick by brick, we have built our priorities, and we put quality first. As a manufacturer responsible to its customers, we continue to strengthen our business by investing time, resources and efforts in research and application of the latest technological solutions to achieve the perfect ratio between quality and price.


Innovation opens doors, impresses and sets us apart from the others. Therefore, we boldly invest in innovative solutions in order to improve production and provide innovative products. We study the needs of the market and develop our bricks in accordance with them.

Our aspirations go beyond just having us - we strive to BE!


Knowing that every brick laid is the beginning of something new, we know that our product is a foundation, a barrier, a home… NEW beginning!


We draw our resources from nature, but we are also aware of our responsibility to it. Ecology, which has become our cause since the establishment of the factory, remains among our top priorities.


Our secret formula is: “Increased attention to every detail. Personal attitude to the needs of each client. Perfect value for money.”

Ceramin factory "Taifun"

We are the team behind "Taifun" factory

More than 20 years experience

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