We are a Bulgarian, boutique factory and today this is a quality that makes a difference. We opened our doors when most Bulgarian producers chose to close them. We stayed when everyone chose to leave.

Call us different, but:

We revived long-forgotten traditions in the Bulgarian ceramic production and dared to upgrade them. We have created a team of young specialists because we believe in the minds of Bulgaria. We invest in a clean production environment and keep the positive atmosphere in the factory. Production and the way we produce is our trademark. We use traditions handed down to us by the old masters and upgrade with innovative technologies.


The quality of our bricks is elevated in cult. Our structure includes a monitoring system that performs quality control down to the smallest detail.


We have our own quarry, from which we extract our main raw material. Our team of experts manages and controls all processes: from clay mining, production, transport, to trade and technical consulting.


Or as we like to say: "We extract, create, build, upgrade"


Our capacity is fully compliant with our basic principle - "Increased attention to every detail" - we analyze all influencing factors.


We bet everything on quality, everything matters, and you deserve the best!

When planning the transition from a small manufacturing to a factory, we believed that a key factor for a successful transition was to improve the working environment and facilitate human labor. We are using robots and this brought the power in production that our specialists and our future needed - accuracy, speed, quality and procedural economy.


In our family, Robot and Man create togheter the perfect product.

Ceramin factory "Taifun"

We are the team behind "Taifun" factory

More than 20 years experience

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