We are a different kind of element -
we don’t destroy, but we build.

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Ceramin factory "Taifun"



How did it all started?

More than 20 years experience

It all starts when you dare to take the FIRST step.20 years ago We dared and laid the foundations of a small factory with great potential.We planned to create a Bulgarian plant using completely ecological technology and today we are developing in harmony with nature and we gratefully draw our resources from it.

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Bulgarian boutique factory

What sets us apart?

We are a Bulgarian, boutique factory and today this is a quality that makes a difference. We opened our doors when most Bulgarian producers chose to close them. We stayed when everyone chose to leave.

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What we aim to achieve?

Our eyes point the future .Brick by brick, we have built our priorities, and we put quality first. As a manufacturer responsible to its customers, we continue to strengthen our business by investing time, resources and efforts in research and application of the latest technological solutions to achieve the perfect ratio between quality and price.

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Perfect geometry, optimized construction, allowing minimization of consumption norms, when building interior, exterior walls and partitions

Multi-chamber structure with extremely high heat and noise insulation


High accumulation capabilities, through which natural air conditioning of the building is achieved

Marl clay is a rock eroded
 by millions of years, which gives the brick its strength

0% harmful emissions during production



A woman who doesn't need an introduction.

A woman who doesn't need an introduction.

Her actions resonate till this day!
We were looking for a person who could represent us, but we found a soulmate who, like us, creates and does not destroy!
Today, we stand before you with our Face and our Product, and we are proud of what we have achieved.
Our goal is to create and upgrade, every day.
With love for you!

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The beginning of the Bricks

The beginning of the Bricks

It is difficult to trace all the way to this symbol of construction, but bricks were certainly used several thousand years before the new era in the biblical city of Jericho by the Jordan River
There is evidence of brick construction in other, more remote parts of the world, such as India and Peru.

Originally, they were blocks of clay and straw, unbaked and dried in the sun. In Bulgaria they are called adobe..

Archaeologists date the first baked bricks discovered in Mesopotamia, Pakistan and others. From 4000 BC In 2000 BC the Tower of Babel was built, many times destroyed and many times rebuilt. 85 million baked bricks were used for its construction. Houses can still be seen in this region, in the construction of which they use bricks from the Tower of Babel.

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